Meet the Alefort 2019 Cideries


Alefort is very excited to bring 5 different cideries from around the Northwest to Treefort this year, along with a curated table that will be serving different ciders on a theme everyday of Alefort!

That’s a whole lotta cider, and a whole lot more cider than any other beer fest around.

Meet the cideries that will excite your tastebuds at Alefort 2019:


( boise, idaho )
Meriwether Cider is an award-winning cider company based in Garden City, ID. It is owned and operated by the Leadbetter Family; parents Ann and Gig and daughters Molly and Kate. Meriwether has modern ciders made from fresh-pressed Northwest apples as well as innovative flavors such as blackberry, ginger, hopped, and more! Meriwether has a taproom in Garden City, and Idaho’s first Cider House that has 20 taps including Meriwether’s own and ciders from around the country and the world right in downtown Boise. They will be have a table in the cider section of Alefort as well as providing Alefort’s first ever barrel of cider for the “Nail Pull” section!



( boise, idaho )
The Cider Sisters preside over the creation of small-batch, traditional cider in the Treasure Valley in Idaho. They use fresh apple juice using a blend of apples designed for balance and tartness. This juice is combined with a high quality live yeast strain designed specifically for use with cider apples, resulting in a traditional cider that is exceptionally dry and tart, with apple overtones and a crisp finish. Cider Sister’s only makes a small amount of cider each year so we’re lucky to have them at Alefort on Friday, don’t miss your chance to give their cider a try!



( couer d’alene, idaho )
Summit Cider was established in 2014 making it Idaho’s first hard cider company and Couer D’Alene’s premier ciderhouse. Their staple ciders are filled with all the bold, crisp flavors: Corduroy is their flagship medium dry cider, Uncrushable is a medium dry cider infused with apricots, Sundance is their most unique medium dry cider, and Yard Sale is their only dry unfiltered cider. In addition to the year around line-up they have several rotating ciders. So mosey over to Summit’s table in the cider area and try some of Summit’s incredible Idaho lineup!



( chimacum, washington )
The Finnriver crew farms and ferments on 80 acres of organic fields and orchard in the Chimacum Valley, along a restored salmon stream on the north Olympic Peninsula of Washington. While the farm is remote, they’re honored to be on the forefront of the Pacific Northwest hard cider revival and to craft ciders that both honor historic hard cider traditions and offer fresh perspectives on the possibilities of the fermented apple. We grow and source organic and seasonal ingredients to celebrate the beauty and bounty of the earth. Their mission is to create deep-rooted and fruitful connections to the land they farm and to grow community.



( seattle, washington )
Schilling Cider captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest by creating ciders that are innovative, bold, and flavor-forward! All their ciders are handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest and use 100% fresh-pressed apples, locally sourced ingredients, and hand-selected yeast strains to create a cider experience that is truly unique. With flavors like Grapefruit and Chill, Excelsior Imperial Cider, and London Dry, Schilling Cider really does expand the cider-verse!

Alefort treats kindly to all beer lovers (21+) Friday to Sunday of Treefort 2019 — March 22-24! Alefort is free & open to the public, but beer is best paired with good tunes, so snag a Treefort Pass!