Treefort is for Everyone.
This has been our guiding light since 2012 and one way we articulate our commitment to antiracism, social justice, and combating inequality. Treefort was founded on a principle of creating and expanding opportunities for artists and creatives, as well as for communities that have historically been overlooked. The ever-expanding lens of Treefort has and will continue to unfold and focus on lifting up underserved communities like our LGBTQ family, immigrant populations and the wide range of racialized people represented as BIPOC. Our goal has long been to even the playing field and help show what true diversity, equity and inclusion looks like through representation on our stages and within our organization.

Antiracism is collective ongoing work. Our country is in a fresh moment of attention to these issues, particularly with a necessary focus on the Black community. Signing statements and the conversations many of us have been in over the last several months should not be seen as sufficient or experienced with great comfort, but rather a beginning; an opportunity to truly see the constructs of our white privilege and the deeply entrenched systemic racism that we, and our organizations, have benefitted from and have enabled through conscious or unconscious inaction. Only through focused attention and intentional restructuring can we continue to break down the toxic walls of systemic racism and discrimination.

Treefort is for Everyone.

Treefort is committed to the ongoing learning and unlearning necessary to be an antiracist organization. We stand in solidarity with everyone taking the work of antiracism seriously and doing this work no matter where they are on the spectrum of understanding and progress within their own organizations. This conversation laid bare is very important and sustained urgency for it to continue while also offering patience for this at-times difficult conversation is essential. We invite you in. If some of the terminology is new to you, that’s okay. Let’s talk. We believe antiracism is for everyone and attainable by all.

Treefort Music Fest is a proud founding member of the Boise Arts, Culture & History Antiracism Coalition committed to dismantling systemic racism in our community.


Our Coalition of arts and culture organizations is committed to dismantling systemic racism in our arts community. This includes the oppressive impacts of segregation, mass incarceration, and educational, economic and environmental discrimination; all of which are born from slavery. The arts and culture community has perpetuated white supremacy through appropriation and tokenization, such as recruiting Black people for shows, exhibits and performances without integrating them into positions of sustained leadership. Although there has never been a time in America when Black art wasn’t a driving cultural force, we have used a white lens to define quality and influence. This must end.

We believe Idahoans will benefit from holding each other accountable to create an equitable and inclusive community where Black art matters.

Coalition organizations commit to the following:

  • Include members of the Black community in the creation of programming and content.
  • Support the Black community with access to space and resources for independent projects or programs.
  • Prioritize intentional recruitment and hiring practices of Black staff, leadership and board members, by expanding recruitment outside existing networks.
  • Create antiracist policies within governing and management documents, at board and staff levels.
  • Articulate the necessity of cultivating a deeper understanding of the communities that we serve, and incorporate their perspectives, needs, feedback, and priorities into our strategic decisions.
  • Provide time and resources on an annual basis for board and staff to attend ongoing professional, Black-led antiracism training.
  • Commit to the ongoing practice of antiracism as individuals and organizations by fostering a culture of accountability and receptivity to learning.

By making our commitment to antiracism visible through our programs and organizational practices, our Coalition aims to inspire audience members and donors to grow with us in creating a community where Black Lives Matter.

NOTE: For smaller organizations, for-profit cultural organizations, or individual artists and historians who cannot complete action steps that require a board or staff, you can satisfy Coalition requirements by:

  • Amplifying the antiracist efforts of other co-signatories and Black-led initiatives, and;
  • Actively supporting the efforts of other arts, culture and history organizations in a collaborative spirit by attending Black-led trainings with their staff, sharing resources, and participating in ongoing Coalition antiracist work.


Organizations (alphabetically):

Boise All-Ages Movement Project
Boise Philharmonic
Daisy’s Madhouse Theatre
Gem State Developmental Center
HomeGrown Theatre
Idaho Botanical Garden
Idaho Dance Theatre
Illicit Nature
Metamorphosis Performing Arts Studio, LLC MING Studios
Neurolux / Pengilly Saloon
Odd Hours Theater Company
Open Arms Dance Project
Opera Idaho
Pivot Movement
Preservation Idaho
Project Flux
Radio Boise (KRBX 89.9/93.5FM)
Sandy Lane Media
Story Story Night
Stronger Shines the Light Inside
Sun Blood Stories
Surel’s Place
Treefort Music Fest
The Vervain Collective
Visual Arts Collective
Wassmuth Center for Human Rights
Wild Spells
Woodland Empire

Individual Artist & Historians (alphabetically):

Wendy Blickenstaff Art – visual artist
Megan Brandel – dancer, choreographer & teaching artist
Leah Clark – choreographer
Helen Grainger Wilson – visual artist & arts educator
Leta Harris Neustaedter – musician, actor, arts educator & social worker Laura Kendall – arts executive
Heidi Kraay – playwright, writer, theater maker & teaching artist Catherine Kyle – poet
Sue Latta – visual artist & educator
Gus Marsden/Blanket Ghost – musician Hallie Maxwell – visual artist
Sadi Mosko – dancer & choreographer Thomas Newby – musician
Daniel Ojeda – dancer, musician & choreographer
Dylan Eller, Cody Goin, Daniel Ojeda, Grant Olsen, and Jan Reed of the band Mr. Grant Olsen – musicians
Brett Perry – dancer & farmer
Jodeen Revere – writer, actor & performer
Ellie Rodgers – writer
John Michael Schert – dancer, producer, educator & social entrepreneur Samantha Silva – writer
Angela Smith – photographer
Martha Spiva – dancer
Christian Winn – writer