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How much are tickets?

Depending on when you buy your ticket, you can get a festival pass as low as $100. Check out the TICKET INFO page for all of the details. The Treefort Golden Rule is to buy as early as possible!

Can I bring my kiddos?

Yes, we love young music fans! Children 12 and under are free to attend Treefort Music Fest, accompanied by an adult with a Treefort pass.

What’s the secret for skipping lines?

Get a ZIPLINE Pass.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to Treefort?

The Treefort Main Stage is an All Ages venue. Treefort shows in other clubs, venues, and bars are subject to all legally-enforced age restrictions, closing hours, and curfews (we don’t make the laws in Idaho, sadly). When all venues are announced specific age requirements will be listed for each venue. We do our best to include a variety of programming in venues to accommodate fans of all ages.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact us at with any questions. Or find your specific contact here.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

You can transfer your ticket at any time prior to redemption for a wristband. You can access My Tickets on your Eventbrite profile at any point prior to printing your tickets and change the name on your tickets. Once a ticket has been redeemed at the Treefort Box Office for a wristband, your wristband is non-transferable. No sharing, sorry!

Can I update my registration information?

Yes! You can access My Tickets on your Eventbrite profile at any point prior to printing your tickets and change your registration information.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes. Printed tickets are redeemable for your Treefort Music Fest wristband at the Treefort Box Office.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final for all tickets and passes to Treefort Music Fest and related events. Your tickets are transferrable, so share the love and give them to a friend or family if you are unable to attend. Artist lineup is subject to change and artists cancellations, postponements, or rescheduling is not grounds for a refund.

The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that okay?

You can access My Tickets on your Eventbrite profile at any point prior to printing your tickets and change the name on your tickets.


How can my band play Treefort?

We love hearing new, interesting bands and artists! Band submissions and fort submissions are OPEN.

I want my daughter’s band to play Treefort!

See above.

How do I get my film screened at Filmfort?

You made a freaking film? That’s rad. Submit it to our Filmfort committee for consideration when submissions open.

How do I volunteer for Treefort?

Awesome! Treefort is awesome because of the number of badass volunteers in our community! Learn more about volunteering at Treefort here.


Where do I buy my cup?

Main Stage (at Beer Token line)
Main Stage (at Beer Bar)
Main Stage (at Spirits Bar)

Should I reuse my cup?

Yes. 100%

Can I use the cup at Alefort?

No, you must have an Alefort specific cup.

Can I use the cup at other venues?

Each venue is different, please ask them first.

Where do I wash my cup?

There are rinsing water stations at Alefort and Main Stage.

Can I use my cup at the cocktail bar?


What happens if I lose my cup?

You will need to purchase a new one or buy canned beer.

Can I take a beer outside of Main Stage?

No, your cup must be empty when you leave the Main Stage.

Can I bring my own stainless steel cup, even if its from another festival like Pickathon?

Yes, any branded cups are allowed, they just must be 16 oz. (no more, no less).


We have shiny Treefort tokens!


More information on venues coming soon, but in previous year’s we’ve built a Main Stage on Grove and 12th and utilized existing venues like Neurolux, Knitting Factory, JUMP, Reef, Pengilly’s, etc.


How do I get around Treefort without a car?

All of the venues and forts are very close together and Boise has a downtown that’s flat, so getting around on foot, bike, skateboard or hoverboard is the easiest and cheapest!


How do I download the app?


I keep losing my information I saved on the app. HELP!?

We tried very hard to resolve this issue. If you are continuing to have problems, please email


Are there age restrictions on forts?

Alefort and Comedyfort are 21+
Filmfort, Foodfort, Hackfort, Kidfort, Storyfort, Yogafort and Performing Arts are All Ages
Please note, some content may not be suitable for children (like some films at Filmfort) or take place in a 21+ venue.

Do I have to have a wristband to attend forts?

Hackfort and Yogafort are wristband-only forts. You must have a 5-day wristband or fort-specific badge to attend.
Filmfort has its own badge, but you don’t have to be a Treefort wristband-holder to attend, individual films may be available at the ticket counter day-of.

What are “Freeforts”?

Anything that doesn’t require a wristband.
Food trucks, The Nest, Alefort, Foodfort, Storyfort, (most of) Kidfort, Band Dialogue, Treefort Gallery, Skatefort, Second Chance Shows


What is Alefort?

Delicious rare brews from various breweries. In 2017, we had special nail pull events! In 2018 we’ll have a Fresh AF “Can it & Crack it” station so you can enjoy the freshest of the fresh.

Where is Alefort located?

Alefort will be located in the parking lot directly behind the Owyhee, which means more room for drinking brews (and eating the delicious finds at Foodfort)

Do I need a Treefort pass to get into Alefort?

Nope! Alefort is a “Freefort” and open to the public.

What can I not bring into Alefort?

Children, strollers, dogs.


What is Comedyfort?

The hilarious side of Treefort — Comedyfort hosts emerging comedians from all over bring the laughs and giggles to the festival.

Where is Comedyfort located?

Mostly at Liquid, but there are also pop-up performances throughout the festival!

Is there kid-friendly programming at Comedyfort?

Most of the content is not kid friendly.

Do I need a Treefort pass to attend Comedyfort?

Entrance into Comedyfort is included in your Treefort wristband.


What is Hackfort?

Hackfort is a digital humanities conference that focuses on the delightful aspects of technology, seeking to stimulate your curiosity, creativity and passion for tech.

Are there kid-friendly programming at Hackfort?

Tons! Check out the Hackfort schedule when available and look for the Kidfort crossover events!

What if we just want to check out the expo hall, but don’t want to buy a Hackfort badge?

Treefort wristband holders have access to all Hackfort events.


What is Filmfort?

Emerging artists cinema! Filmfort hosts feature full length and short films, discussions and Q&A sessions with filmmakers

Where is Filmfort located?

Filmfort location(s) for 2020 are TBD, stay tuned!

Do I need a Treefort pass or Filmfort badge to see a film?

A Filmfort badge grants you priority access to all films and Filmfort related events, but you may also enter with just your ZIPLINE, or Festival Treefort wristband

Is Filmfort All Ages?

Yes, however, some programming may not be suitable for children.


What is Foodfort?

A two-part Treefort feast featuring Tastes and Talks, some paired with Alefort. Inside the tent, you’ll find an array of local breweries offering beer samples for tokens. You’ll also find local chefs offering dishes that feature local products.

Where is Foodfort located?

More details, including location are coming soon!

Do I need a Treefort pass to get into Foodfort?

Some Foodfort events require an additional ticket to attend. Foodfort inside of Alefort is open to the public and to passholders.

Are there vegetarian or gluten free dishes?

Yes! Check the schedule as we get closer.


What is Storyfort?

Storyfort is all about good writing and good storytelling, through authors reading their work, experts chatting on a panel, slam poets bringing down the house, and much more!

Do I need a Treefort pass to get into Storyfort?

Nope! Storyfort is a “Freefort” and open to the public.

Where is Storyfort this year?

Most events are held at The Owyhee, but full details are coming soon.

Can I bring my kids to Storyfort?

Sure! Most events are all-ages, but keep in mind some authors may be reading content not suitable for little kids. We support parental discretion! Be sure to check the Kidfort schedule closer to Treefort.

What’s the format of Storyfort like? Is it interactive?

Some of our events are readings, where you’ll get to enjoy an author reading their new or recent work. Some are panels, where you can hear experts chat about journalism, publishing, or hip-hop. Most of our events include a Q&A period, and audience questions are encouraged!

Are there any local authors reading stuff?

We love our local indie authors and poets!


Do I need a yoga mat?

It’s nice to have a yoga mat, but not all classes will need them. A limited number of yoga mats will be available for rent with a photo ID. Glitter bribes may also be welcome.

How hard are the classes?

All Yogafort classes are open to all levels and abilities.

Can I attend even if I don’t have a Yogafort Badge and haven’t signed up?

Yes, all Treefort pass holders can attend class, as space is available. It is recommended to show up at least 15 minutes before a class is scheduled to start.

Where can I buy a 3-day Yogafort badge so I don’t miss one downward dog?

Yogafort 2020 passes are available now!

Where is Yogafort?


Will there be hot yoga chicks at Yogafort?

Yes. And hot yoga dudes. And other hot yoga genders.

I’ve never taken yoga before. Can I go to Yogafort?

Yes! Go and try out a class. Have fun! Experience something new.

What kind of classes are at Yogafort?

Yoga, dance, kirtan (chanting), and meditation classes will be held.

How many classes should I take? Can I take all of the classes?

There are multiple classes a day. How many you take is up to you, space allowing.

What do I wear?

Wear clothes you feel good moving in.

Can I save a spot for my friend?

Yes, if they have a Yogafort Badge or Treefort pass and there is space.

Will they make me say Om and other weird yoga shit?



Where can I buy Treefort Merch?

Record Exchange, Treefort HQ and Treefort Main Stage and you can totally purchase online!

Who makes this stuff?

All Treefort merch is designed by art director James Lloyd and thoughtfully outsourced from there. Local printers PalmerCash are integral to the production of apparel goods. Other on-site merch is carefully curated by the merch director and created by local and regional makers.