Filmfort 2019 Features + Shorts


Lights, camera, action: Filmfort 2019 is stealing the scene!

This year, Filmfort will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown (348 S 13th St), with some underground film showings in the Red Feather Cellar (21+). Catch a film or two starting Thursday, March 21st until Saturday, March 23rd! All of the films are making their Idaho premiere at Filmfort. Filmfort film viewings are included in a Treefort Pass, but if you want to camp out at Filmfort, snag a Filmfort Pass.

Get the buzz on this year’s feature films, shorts, and Q&As:



Thursday, March 21st, 7pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
A bizarre rite of passage at the local deli determines the fate of a generation of teenagers, leading some to escape their suburban town and dooming others to remain. Ham on Rye uses an expansive ensemble of over 100, including non-actors, shoegaze musicians, 90’s Nickelodeon child stars and more, to explore a suburban community’s relationship with a prom-like ritual and the decay of the human spirit. The film is a two part effort that seeks to capture all of the innocence and joy of youth, only to be abruptly halted by the bleak realities of adulthood.

This narrative feature was directed by Tyler Taormina in Los Angeles, California. There will be a Q&A with director Tyler Taormina after the film.



Saturday, March 23rd, 7pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
Ann is consumed by the fantasy of finding true love. Just when she thinks she’s found it, she is friend-zoned. The disappointment of rejection sends her into an obsessive downward spiral that tests the limits of her sanity and the strength of her closest friendship. In order to reclaim her bearings on reality, she confronts her overgrown fantasies by making a film about the experience. The result is a vulnerable, hilarious, and vibrantly stylized investigation of love.

“In Reality fearlessly shatters the illusion of the “rom-com” romance, one awkward millennial interaction at a time.” -Refinery29

This hybrid feature was directed by Ann Lupo in Brooklyn, New York. There will be a Q&A with director Ann Lupo after the film.



Saturday, March 23rd, 5pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
When Seth receives a mysterious letter inviting him to spend the weekend at a secluded mansion in the country, he soon realizes the people inside the house may know him better than he knows himself. Long Lost stars Adam Weppler (The Cobblestone Corridor) as Seth, a young man invited to spend a weekend at the Connecticut mansion of his long lost millionaire half-brother Richard (Nicholas Tucci, You’re Next). With the help of his enigmatic live-in girlfriend Abby (Catherine Corcoran, Terrifier), Richard leads Seth down a psychosexual rabbit hole wherein luxury and temptation are intermingled with treachery and taboo.

This film won Best Feature at Eastern Oregon Film Festival 2018.

This narrative feature was directed by Erik Bloomquist in Greenwich, Connecticut. There will be a Q&A with director Erik Bloomquist after the film.



Saturday, March 23rd, 3pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
Welcome to Rockford, Illinois, in the heart of Rust-Belt America, home to debut filmmaker Bing Liu. With over 12 years of footage, Bing discovers connections between two of his skateboarder friends’ volatile upbringings and the complexities of modern-day masculinity. As the film unfolds, Bing captures 23-year-old Zack’s tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend deteriorate after the birth of their son and 17-year-old Keire struggling with his racial identity as he faces new responsibilities following the death of his father. While navigating a difficult relationship between his camera and his friends, Bing weaves a story of generational forgiveness while exploring the precarious gap between childhood and adulthood.

This film earned a nominee for Best Feature Documentary at the 2018 Academy Awards, and received the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Filmmaking at 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

“It’s a sight to behold, the way Minding the Gap organically evolves from a meditative portrait of skateboarding – complete with gorgeously fluid Steadicam shots of boarders ripping down city streets – into a nuanced character study of repressed trauma.”
– Vikram Murthi, AV Club

“An extraordinary feat of filmmaking… Liu’s intimacy with his subjects becomes contagious, to the point where their small victories are thrilling and their failures feel devastating.”
– Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic

“Minding the Gap is about youthful escapism, personal expression, and the cold realization that you can’t stay a kid forever. It’s heartbreaking, raw, and true.”
– Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly



Saturday, March 23rd, 10pm @ Red Feather Cellar
Set in a small riverside town in North Carolina, two sad vandals and an unemployed loner long await for a fabled rocket launch. This narrative feature was directed by Saad Qureshi in Wilmington, North Carolina.



Friday, March 22nd, 2pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
FUTURE LANGUAGE: The Dimensions of VON LMO is a distorted portrait of an artist that explores storytelling, ego, delusion, conviction and memory. VON LMO is a musician/artist and self-proclaimed alien-hybrid who was a part of the late 70s New York No Wave music scene. Between trips to his home planet of Strazar and multi-dimensional travel, VON has also spent some very real time in prison and on the streets of Earth. Challenged with translating his Future Language for audiences across the galaxy, Lori, our filmmaker and VON LMO fan, gets sucked into VON’s orbit and finds herself lost in his story.

This documentary feature was directed by Lori Felker in New York, New York.




Friday, March 22nd, 2pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
Something has altered the fabric of the universe, causing our reality to begin breaking down. An ancient being seeks to understand how and why, leading it to take a physical form and venture to Earth. This narrative short was directed by Ben Hernstrom in Boulder, Colorado.



Friday, March 22nd, 10pm @ Red Feather Cellar
Grab a drink and check out some experimental short films in the Red Feather Cellar.

Ready for Love
Dull Hope
Get Up, Pierrot
Crude Oil
Eyes at the Specter Glass
Tunnel Ball



Saturday, March 23rd, 11am @ Hilton Garden Inn
Start your morning off with a quick shot of mixed shorts. This is a diverse lineup of short films from Boise and beyond.

Granny Duncan’s Mixtape
Party Time
Aug 04
The Swimming Lesson
When We Were Free
New Emoji
Bird Milk
Behave, Kids



Saturday, March 23rd, 3pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
A K9 officer trainee and his partner train for their first day on patrol. Play, repetition and positive re-enforcement reveal the casual nature of manufacturing violence on command. This narrative short was directed by Fantavious Fritz in Canada.



Saturday, March 23rd, 7pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
Jia Ning, a Beijing fashion photographer, agrees to help translate for Mark, an amateur British journalist coming to China for the first time. Director Zach Weintraub lived in Beijing for two years. During that time, he worked as an English teacher and felt like the world of moviemaking that he’d previously lived and breathed was disappearing in the rearview mirror. Fearing an identity crisis, he resolved to shoot something – anything – before going home. WELCOME, MARK was made on an old Hi8 camera directed by Zach Weintraub and two friends during his final week in China. The film is a testament to some of the nastier foreign attitudes he encountered during his time there, and a tribute to a place and period that he treasures.



Saturday, March 23rd, 10pm @ Hilton Garden Inn
A boy wants to make sure his doggy goes to heaven. This narrative short was directed by Julian Yuri Rodriguez in Miami, Florida.

A Treefort Pass gets you into Filmfort, but for those wanting to watch every film, you’ll need a Filmfort Pass! Get your passes now — Treefort is in two weeks!