Ready: Player 2 – Hackfort 2018 Programming


Hackfort 2018 is entering your orbit with jam-packed programming that will pull you in like gravity to earth’s center.

Hackfort Badges go on sale TODAY! Much like Treefort shows, all Hackfort events are first come first served, with Hackfort Badge priority. There will be a queue for each event and when the room is full, it’s full! So follow the Treefort Golden Rule: buy early and show up early.

This year, Hackfort is creating a work-friendly space with snacks and beverages available all day on the first floor of JUMP. On the 5th floor, we’ll be providing free coffee to keep your focus going strong, and beer for sale to keep ya rockin’.

Drool over this second Hackfort announce, then snag your Hackfort Badge!

Hackfort Kick-off Party

Super stoked about the lineup for Hackfort? What better way to immerse yourself into our programming than meeting your favorite speaker? Join us for our Hackfort Kick-off Party for beers, tunes provided by DJ Michna and the chance to meet your favorite game-boss, tech journalist or robot engineer!

Must have a Hackfort Badge to attend.

Hackfort Digital Innovation Prize

We know that our speakers aren’t the only ones creating rad new technologies and original immersive digital experiences! We want to support you to get your out of this world idea INTO this world! We welcome any submission that is a piece of software or interactive digital media. Our judgement criteria will be based on originality, delight (fun, surprising, novel) and impact (disruptive, social good, etc). Prizes include an HTC Vive headset, two ZIPLINE passes to Treefort 2019 and a prize pack of Treefort swag (up to $1500 in value).

This is our first year doing this so we offer your feedback on how awesome it is (or could be!). Our inclusion of submissions is broad but must be software-based, a website or online interactive experience, a PC/console/phone game, or an augmented reality or virtual reality experience.

Only Hackfort Badge-holders may submit.

Helping Rockstars Become Nerds: Music for Video Games

Ever wonder how Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck got into composing music for video games? Because Devolver Digital’s Mike Wilson told him to! Figure out how to either leverage your already existing music or create future compositions to be the tunes folks are rocking out to when playing their favorite games (like Hotline Miami!).

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Revival of the Nerd Culture

Deputy Editor of the nerd-tastic news leader Den of Geek Chris Longo will be leading a dialogue about how the Tolkien, Dungeons & Dragon and gamer culture has gone from basement-dwellers to leaders of the pack.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Somnox: The Sleeping Robot

Julian Jagtenberg of Somnox, creator of the first AI sleeping robot that matches your breathing and heart rate to help you sleep, will be answering all your burning questions about the future of robots (and it’s not as apocalyptic as you may think!). He will also be leading a workshop (Build-a-Robot w/ Somnox) teaching you how to build a robot prototype.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Encoded Notes: The Future of Blockchain & Music

Cryptocurrency stands to disrupt more industries than just the national banking system; music will heavily be influenced by the blockchain. Join Jack Spallone of Ujo Music to find out how to get ahead of the curve and be ready for the biggest change in the music industry since Napster.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Crypto-Clan: Breaking down the Blockchain Community

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are two major buzzwords right now. Come learn from the team at ConsenSys – Jack Spallone, Adam Wozney and Evan Van Ness – about why this is a community you want to be a part of!

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Chatterbots: Build Your Own Secure Chatbot

Local builder Ben Kline (Forsta) will be schooling us on all things chatbot and teach you how to build your own. He may even come out talking like Cartman of South Park. Best part: take your pi home with you! All materials provided; all levels welcome.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Treefort 2018 is the sh*t

Don’t Blink: How to Build a Twitch-TV Channel

Local rapper/personality Dave the Fave will be hosting an inclusive talk about building a community through Twitch streaming, whether it be gaming, music, cooking, or any other kind of creation. He will touch upon points including stream/chat etiquette, what to look for in the “big picture”, balance of life, finding a niche, strengthening relationships, planning, hosting, networking, game selection, stream design, and other stuff.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Defending Digital Democracy: A Workshop in Cybersecurity

Cyber-security is becoming a defense ‘must’ if we are to protect ourselves as a country in this age of digital warfare. Meredith Berger & Dan Bartlett will be hosting a workshop demonstrating how their project Defending Digital Democracy Project (D3P) will change the landscape of ballot/voter protection in the digital landscape.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

The Truth is Out There: Future of UFO Technologies

Ben Hansen, former host of show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, will be joining paranormal experts Alejandro Rojas (Huffpost) and Marc D’Antonio (Mutual UFO Network) in an on-stage dialogue about what jumps in UFO explorations and technologies we’ve made in the last decade.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

DO NOT EAT: Raspberry Sonic Pi Build

JUMP and Idaho STEM Action Center are teaming up for a workshop that combines technology and music for pi-builders of all levels on how to make it sing! Pi’s and needed materials provided. Both beginner and experienced builders welcome.

Hackfort Happy Hour: Board Games & Beers

Come hang with the makers of Decemberists’ Board Game ILLIMAT – Twogether Studios – and innovation game-builders Elephant Laboratories to play the best of what board games have to offer! Both ILLIMAT and SOL will be available for play (with guides to help you) while you sip on your favorite brew.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Hackfort 2018 Expo Hall

The 2018 Hackfort Expo Hall will feature a strong mix of both local and visiting vendors displaying virtual reality, augmented reality, board games and more! Expo Hall is free to everyone and family appropriate. Come see the best of future technologies!

Open to the public, no badge required.

Culture Junkies Live Podcast Hosted by Hackfort

Hackfort Live! Yeah, that’s a thing. At Hackfort 2018, your favorite community radio station, Radio Boise, and Culture Junkies, a new podcast lovingly dedicated to Boise’s culture scene, will broadcast live on stage. This live podcast will feature interviews of key Hackfort’s speakers and guests.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

Board Game Detox Brunch

We know you’ll be on crazy overload from a full week of fun, so we are hosting our Board Game Detox Brunch to ease you into the last day of Treefort. Headed up by the dudes over at Gem State Gaming, they’ll provide board games that you are able to learn in your Sunday-morning haze over omelets and Bloody Marys.

This is a Hackfort Badge priority event.

For the full Hackfort lineup, click hereHackfort Badges are on sale now so buy one with your Treefort Pass!