Chicago, IL


You might take a look at AMS., and immediately be able to see the mild-mannered and polite IT professional, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

However, underneath all of that is an artist that has been a storm on a stage over the course of his musical career.

Across the 20 years AMS. has been rapping, he’s shared the stage with generational Hip-Hop luminaries such as Gift of Gab, Atmosphere, Blueprint, Mr. Lif, RJD2, KRS-One, and Dres of Black Sheep.

Running a breathlessly-delivered gamut between influences from Punk, Post-Hardcore, and Jazz, AMS. delivers a tapestry within his songs, swinging wildly on topics: from space-operatic abandoned astronauts, to the rat race, the deeply interpersonal, and onto jovial jams that could shake whole venues from a jumping crowd. Thick imagery, daft wordplay, and a growling baritone have helped to frame his music as being definitively “classic” in the Hip-Hop sense, while seeking to push the envelope of how Hip-Hop sounds, both in production and delivery.