An Endless Fiction (St. Terrible)

An Endless Fiction (St. Terrible)



St. Terrible is an Idaho musician, visual story-teller and performance artist. Working at times as a solo act and other times collaboratively, they weave their eclectic sound together with forms of live dance and theater, creating experiences that are gorgeously strange and existentially rich.

In late 2020, St. Terrible released “An Endless Fiction”, a short music film that combines elements of terror and beauty to guide viewers through the often unseen sides of how mental health and trauma collide in the individual. The film was directed and produced by Meredith Richardson and Zach Herbert, filmed by Cody Gittings, and was created by a tight-knit group of collaborators and close friends from around Idaho.

Directed by: Meredith Richardson, Zach Herbert
Runtime: N/A