Seattle, WA


Seattle’s Antonioni is back with a new EP, The Odds Were All Beating Me. The sophomore release is the band’s most expansive and sonically ambitious record to date. From the opening head-nodding track, “Creature Feature” to the danceable closer “Stutter-Step”, the album showcases vocalist and guitarist Sarah Pasillas’ powerful voice, evocative lyricism, and skillful songwriting. Meanwhile, the band departs from the languid jangle-rock of its first EP, Lullablaze, and dives into harder hitting, psychedelic grunge pop territory.

Inspired by sci-fi literature, surrealist films, and personal mythology, the EP consists of five songs carefully examining the internal peaks and valleys of coping with anxiety and uncertainty in a chaotic world. The record is the band’s first fully collaborative effort.

Previously, the Grey Estates deemed the band’s EP, Lullablaze, as “a step into the heart of something astounding,” and more recently NorthWest Music Scene wrote that The Odds Were All Beating Me “builds on the momentum that Lullablaze stoked and takes the music to another level;” adding “the intricate guitar stylings once again meld seamlessly with the vocals for a rockin’ dream-pop mixture that should further cement Antonioni’s place in the genre.” In the band’s short career, Antonioni has generated a healthy regional buzz, earning praise from KEXP and The Stranger, while opening for bands like Cherry Glazerr, Winter, Great Grandpa, and Jo Passed. Antonioni is currently touring and mixing their debut LP.