Black Bolt

Black Bolt

Boise, ID


Black Bolt are a punk band in the classical sense: righteous indignation, a furious clattering of aggressive instruments, no strict adherence to a particular sub-genre, and no hecks given about what other bands are doing right now. Their musical approach takes cues from classic American punk, effervescent indie rock, 90s skate classics, morose post-punk, unhinged hardcore, and nasty garage punk. Since forming loosely eight years ago, Black Bolt have graduated from rehearsing in a soundproofed basement to practicing in an automotive repair shop– making them one of the only literal garage bands in Boise. Through years of evolution, the members of Black Bolt collectively know over five guitar chords, how many drinks they can have before they go on stage, and how to sing mostly in key.

Black Bolt capture emotional misfortune and political rage in songs about reproductive rights, crumbling infrastructure, oppressive institutions, hard seltzer, and the inevitability of death. Their off-kilter sonics serve the weirdos of the flyover states, the people whose progressive politics, acts of resistance, and dedication to partying hard the rest of the country often overlooks.

Black Bolt just released their first ever music video for the White Claw jingle “Claws Out,” and plan to release their first full-length album, “The North End,” in Spring of 2020.