Black Ends

Black Ends

Seattle, WA


Black Ends are a GUNK POP musical trio from Seattle, Washington/ fully formed in August 2018.

The group consists of Nicolle Swims on vocals and guitar, Jonny Modes on drums, and Ben Swanson on bass guitar. Black Ends, at first was a solo project started by Nicolle Swims. After a while of writing and recording alone in her room, she made her way out of Alabama into Seattle in order to start a band. After playing together for a small bit of months, they released their debut, EP Sellout in March 2019. The EP has definitely been well recieved through the city’s music scene/ with multiple shout outs from other beloved artists and writers in seattle.

The music is as gritty and rambunctious as it is soft and catchy / the guitars are like wind chimes & the band is the air helping them sing.