Brent Penny

Brent Penny

Chicago, IL


Brent Penny (Pennington) is a Minneapolis based experimental singer-songwriter and musician crafting his personal take on pop. Penny’s sound is informed by various shoegaze, ambient, folk, and experimental components. With deadpan lyrical delivery Penny combines that which is deeply visceral with the surreal.

Raised in a Mormon family, Pennington built his relationship to music through hymns.
The songs on ‘Choose The Right’ reflect on coming to terms with his decision to leave the church, embracing his queerness, and reclaiming and redefining faith.

Written in the final year of his twenties, the release of ‘Choose the Right’ speaks to the power of working independently and finding strength in making a name for yourself. Recorded in his home with producer Jordan Bleau (Cheap Fantasy) these 6 songs amount to a poignant debut of a multifaceted songwriter.