Caitlin Reese

Caitlin Reese

Brooklyn, NY


Caitlin Reese is a Brooklyn based comedian and writer with many dualities. Watch her get fired up about everything in her path on a journey from being blunt and loud to unassuming and deadpan. There is a currency of energy vibrating high the second her feet hit the stage. She once published and sold out a comedy zine through Tower Records by accident.

Notably, Caitlin was a Finalist on Amazon Prime’s Comics Watching Comics where a couch of judgy judges laughed really hard at her jokes and couldn’t come up with anything but nice things to say. She also was a Finalist at Gotham Comedy Club’s Ladies of Laughter Competition as the WILD CARD selection. She regularly performs at New York Comedy Club and has been in a million festivals including HBO’s Women in Comedy Fest. She once opened for Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall, and he followed her back stage to compliment her performance while he was supposed to be on stage.

When Caitlin isn’t on stage, she’s crying at the gym where it looks like sweat and dodging sexual advances from men worldwide as she is a human woman.