Cat Hoch

Cat Hoch

Portland, OR


Cat Hoch is a multi-instrumentalist out of Portland, Oregon creating dreamy, jazzy, psychedelic pop music.

‘TEMPTATIONS’ released on October first, is now available for streaming and vinyl on Amplus Records.

‘Look What You Found’ was self- released in October of 2015 and recorded by Riley Geare (former member of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.) Because of the local and national success of the release she has recently played shows with PORTUGAL, THE MAN, The Horrors, TELEVISION (1977 yes like marque moon), The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Parquet Courts, Japanese Breakfast, and has performed at Pickathon Music Festival 2017, as well as LOSE YR MIND Festival 2018, (LA Witch, Jo Passed, Kyle Craft, etc.) In the past she’s opened for acts such as, ELLE KING, Ride, Crocodiles and more.
Previous projects include; BlackWaterHolyLight, Bryson Cone, Eternal Tapestry, Appendixes, 1969 (stooges cover band,) Tender Age, Jackson Boone, and Daydream Machine.