Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg)

Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg)



Invited to share an artist residency with Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle, AK Studio spent a week exploring the Isle of Eigg, Scotland, collecting a vast amount of photographic, audio and video source material. The group recorded the sounds of sheep, wind turbines, streams, waves, the local pub, rain, and wind. They pointed their cameras at souvenir shops, ferry landings, locals tending their gardens, electrical transformers, birds and cows.

AK focuses on utilizing audio and visual material collected throughout the week, abstracting music in realtime from field recordings. After a week far afield, the group united for an improvised performance. Gathered around projected video, the group performed at a small house on the island.

Directed by: Aaron Farley, John Schlue, Alexander Falk
Runtime: 29 minutes