Boise, ID


Chaosmonaut was born out of a desire to eschew the trappings of the typical rigid band song writing process and instead commit to capturing the zeitgeist of each set individually. Using tools from Jazz, Doom, Noise, Drone, Stoner Rock and Heavy Psych, each performance is written to capture a singular idea, be performed a single time, and discarded as a testament to that moment before starting over again. This is accomplished through home recorded samples, multitudes of amps, heavy riffs, and extreme outside of the box thinking.

Joe Turmes works via a heavily modified hybrid stereo guitar/bass, who’s design has driven a playing style that goes from quiet and clean to roaring thunder.

Joey Turmes, son of Joe, is a talented young multi-instrumentalist that is at home on drums, bass, guitar and keys, any of which could be used at any time during a performance.

Jake Anderson is the newest addition to the group bringing his incredible percussion skills and a passion for the heaviest of art.

Every performance is guaranteed to be a unique experience that attempts to catch the zeitgeist of emotion that is currently present in the performers themselves, with no promises or preconceived notions of what “Chaosmonaut” should be.