Cigarette Speedway

Cigarette Speedway

Boise, ID


Cigarette Speedway is a three piece band from Boise, ID. They have streamlined their songwriting process into this foolproof routine :

First, there is a lifetime of music listening that is heavily influenced by Tiny Tim, America’s folk hero.

Next, they put on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, hit mute, and write music to the black and grey pixelated teenagers of yesteryear dancing their lives away.

Finally, they crank the amps up and rehearse the songs at full volume while a 10 inch TV plays cinema classics such as Ghoulies, Ernest Goes to Jail, Double Team, The Toxic Avenger Part II , They Live, and Woodchipper Massacre.

The end product is either power punk perfection or hilariously amateurish, depending on your point of view.