Cori Moyes

Cori Moyes

Boise, ID


Cori is an Idaho native, outdoor junkie, yogi, healer, mentor and guide. She is known for intuitively combining her love of deep transformation, connection to spirit and unique blend of energy healing modalities to create truly transformative experiences both on and off the mat. She is the creator and founder of Healing Sacred Relations mentorship programs, owner of StarHawk, LLC and a longtime manager for SelectHealth in Idaho. She bridges her worlds by utilizing the seemingly unconnected to bridge gaps throughout the community and the populations that she serves in her profession, in her practice and in all aspects of life, empowering others through deep connection to spirit and a return to soul sovereignty.

Class Description:

Yogafort Opening Ceremony
Open up the sacred container of Yogafort 2020 and invite in our mantra for this year: We’re so glad you’re here!