Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Boise, ID


Dedicated Servers is a hip hop group that started 15 years ago as a best friendship between high school amigos, Dave the Fave & MCMD. Throughout their musical journey, they’ve created countless songs ranging from soulful to electronic as well as brought unmatched energy to stages in numerous cities across the west coast and pacific northwest.

As their priorities, lives, and responsibilities evolve, the duo has become an entertainment machine, expanding their talents into streaming video games, DJ’ing, reviewing movies, and parenting, just to name a few.

Celebrating 15 years of dedication, their new album “Freshmen 15” welcomes their new DJ, the mysterious Spin Master Mugen, who commands a niche following of his own. Mugen brings an element of funk that accentuates the energy and charisma of Dave the Fave & MCMD, presenting a whole new type of Dedicated Servers who aim to please audiences with their infectious grooves and personalities.

Dedicated Servers remain not only as one of Boise’s longest-running hip hop groups, but as affluent sources of pure entertainment. Dedication isn’t just music – it’s a lifestyle. Are you ready to get funked up?