Dennis Garcia

Dennis Garcia


Dennis Garcia is a Computer Enthusiast and Hardware Reviewer with over a decade of experience. Over the years he has done just about everything with a computer from basic assembly to extensive case modifications to hardware modifications and extreme overclocking. This experience gives him a unique knowledge into how computer components interact and how to get the best performance from a build.

Dennis has been a bit of a renaissance man throughout his life and started learning how things work at a very early age. He got introduced to computers while hacking away on the family Tandy 1000SX and has been building on that experience ever since. While computers and technology are a passion he spent a good number of years doing other fun stuff such as building engines, painting cars, riding sport bikes, car audio competitions and customizing mini trucks. He even had time to design and build his own house which was no small feat.

Hardware Asylum was started in late 2012 when was rebranded and moved over. Dennis started Ninjalane in 1999 as a review site that focused on high-end computer hardware which helped give rise to custom computer hobby we see today.

Hardware Asylum also hosts a bi-weekly Podcast focused on the PC enthusiast culture and covers things related to the website, computer hardware, PC gaming and sometimes completely unrelated topics just to keep things interesting.