Dose Amigos

Dose Amigos

Boise, ID/Seattle, WA


Dose Amigos is composed of Jose Prado and Spencer Schumacher who are both Point Blank Music School graduates with an emphasis on sound design and arrangement respectively. Their energy, musical skill set, and creativity are all apparent through their music productions and their live performances.

With a hybrid electronic and live performance, Dose Amigos are more than the typical DJ’s. The Amigos are pure fun.

Their debut EP “Dosin” released on Nov 2nd 2018 and exemplifies the duo’s diversity in dance music by combining dance music genres such as: Deep House, Tech House, Bass House, and Brazilian Bass. A blend of electronic dance music that pushes the boundaries of multiple house genres.

The Dose Amigos bond runs deep. Their paths came together after Jose and Spencer’s families moved to Meridian Idaho from Mexico and Boise respectively. During these years they forged a strong bond over competition and sports. During their collegiate education, the Amigos took their separate path to pursue their education but they always remained in contact.

Also, during this time, each of the amigos would each go on to begin their own individual music projects. Jose played the bass with a blues/americana/rock band and spent several years playing shows and writing music with them, and in the background was beginning to learn the ins and outs of electronic music production. At his university, Jose studied electrical engineering and was able to take classes centered around computer music and digital signal processing. As his project in his advanced digital signal processing class, Jose wrote his own Digital Audio Workstation which had all the basic functionalities and served a major learning experience about the technicalities of the tools. Spencer took another route of pursuing his education in the business segment whilst away from Boise. After college, he began to DJ around numerous clubs in Seattle, WA and was able to land a gig in Boise, Idaho where him and Jose landed on the project “Dose Amigos”.

The Dose Amigos came to fruition during one of their routine hang out visits, which always ended up revolving around experiencing electronic music events. And in the same year (2018), the Amigos played several shows in the PNW and released their first EP named “Dosin'”, which that their first collaborative effort. The EP explores the main genres that inspired the project. In 2019, the Amigos have been building up their repertoire of original music, unreleased remixes and flips and also been working on their releases incoming in 2020.