Endless Atlas

Endless Atlas

Boise, ID


Endless Atlas exists at the intersection of consciousness and oblivion as an antidote to the insane world we live in – literally conceived as a project so complex that it would take up all the time and attention of sole member Dale Hiscock in response to anxiety caused by the outside world. Dale writes, performs, records, and mixes all the music as well as creates the software that enables the live performance.

The results are successful: washes of ambient guitar sit atop moving lattices of sampled and electronic percussion while ethereal vocals cut through the haze, crystalizing the many sounds into moving pop songs that evoke the surreal and primal scenes that exist only fleetingly in the moments after waking from a dream.

The ambient nature of the project is juxtaposed against a surprisingly technical foundation. Originally only a studio project, Endless Atlas released its debut album ‘Geometry’ in 2017. Sole member Dale Hiscock then created an original software looping platform specifically to bring his studio creations to live audiences. Other than the drums, all of the instrumentation and vocals for Endless Atlas are performed and looped live, with layers of guitar and synth manipulated by a pedalboard more complicated than a Borg cube.