Frank Leone

Frank Leone

Chicago, IL


FRANK LEONE is a hip hop artist, producer, singer, and composer from the woods south of Chicago. Blending genres and fusing influences of nature into each of his album’s worlds, FRANK has made a home for himself far off in the sonic wilderness he creates, taking heavy inspiration from late 60’s brazilian music, neo-soul, Neptunes beats, and Kanye level majesty.

Currently set to release his third album in a year, Frank’s previous two works “DON’T” & “SUNDROP” were built to reflect a foggy romantic stasis set in the most serene of California countrysides, as the world burns. For the end of it all is always on the tip of FRANK’s tongue, even when discussing the most insignificant love affairs that inspired each record.

On DON’T, his entirely self produced debut LP, Chicago Reader said “Don’t is full of playful experimentation: He pitches his voice down till it oozes like molasses, and up till it squeaks and hiccups (“Don’t Want”). He builds entire tracks out of languid, subterranean-sounding lounge instrumentation (“Don’t Go,” “Don’t Need”). And sometimes he strays so far from rap’s established sonic vocabulary that he could give “real hip-hop” heads a migraine—on “Don’t Clip,” for instance, he croons in a pitched-up voice atop oceanside indie-rock guitar riffs and cooing background vocals. When people call music “genreless,” they’re often just talking about songs that borrow from so many genres they end up formless pop wallpaper, but Leone’s grab bag of styles cuts against that grain.”

FRANK LEONE has collaborated with and produced for the likes of Saba, BADBADNOTGOOD, Cola Boyy, Gary Wilson, Deem Spencer, Vic Mensa, Coco O, and will spring to life with a brand new sound on his upcoming full R&B album “FISH” due out at the end of summer.

During this three album process, FRANK LEONE has been hard at work adapting a coming of age album he began working on at 19 into a long form television project he’s said to be scoring, writing, and executive producing. Actor Lakeith Stanfield is said to narrate both the album and show, while Hiro Murai (Atlanta, This is America) & The FX Network are applying their efforts to bring this psychedelic adventure to life.