Genuine Wrestleboys (Podcast)

Genuine Wrestleboys (Podcast)

Boise, ID


Genuine Wrestleboys is a pro wrestling podcast by four friends, made better friends through a love of professional wrestling.

Genuine Wrestleboys was started in June 2017 and is co-hosted by Derek Oster (he/him), Esai Saldana (he/him), Matt Stone (he/him), and Zack M. Evans (they/them), as well as a rotating cast of Mystery Tag Team Partners (guest hosts) and characters from the world of professional wrestling.

The podcast started after Matt and Zack’s significant others begged them to talk about wrestling with each other so they could have an occasional break from hearing about it, which became a group text also including Derek named Genuine Wrestleboys after a dumb joke on a funny YouTube video. Esai was almost immediately added to the group text and within a day or two things had escalated rather quickly into plans of starting a podcast.

Now, over two years later, Genuine Wrestleboys is part of the EaseDrop Podcast Network, performed their first ever live show as part of Storyfort during Treefort Music Fest 2019, and continues to release new episodes weekly discussing the goings-on in the world of professional wrestling and deep dives into specific wrestling topics like dealing with pro wrestling’s ugly bigoted past and which wrestlers have the best hair, as well as things like dumpsters full of Pepsi, our invention of the Double Toilet™, and our musical queen, lord, and savior Carly Rae Jepsen.