Hand Trembler

Hand Trembler

Boise, ID


Psychedelic rock has never had such an ally as Hand Trembler. With members Cadom Skow, Kreed Kleinkopf, JP Chastain & Reese Hancock, they deliver powerful, dancey tunes & deep reflection to grunge overtones & steady beats. Hand Trembler never gets stuck in 4/4, and they incorporate elements of virtually every style of music, progressing through melodic, danceable rock to bluegrass, to Transylvanian rap, to Latin soul grooves. All of this is accomplished with a true pacific northwest vibe. You can feel the pine trees rustling in the wind, the rain falling down the streets of the city, through the rivers in the mountains to the wet, overcast coastal shores.

Hand Trembler’s debut album entitled, “Circadian” was released worldwide in 2018. Currently, Hand Trembler is working on their second full-length LP, tentatively titled “Get Well Soon” due out in early spring of 2020, right in time for Treefort Music Fest!

Hand Trembler performed at Treefort Music Fest in 2018 and on the main stage at Konnexion music festival in 2019. We’ve also appeared at the historic Showbox Theatre in Seattle.

Hand Trembler has opened for Pond, (which features members of Tame Impala), Night Glitter (which features Lulu from Thievery Corporation), Ancient River, Calliope Musicals, Lounge On Fire and a host of other local and global touring acts.