Boise, ID


HE/LIUM SHE/LIUM is an 80’s inspired, synth pop, electronic, dance duo.

They started when partners Ari Wing and Rocky Wing found themselves in a small apartment in Boise, ID. With no connections, working full-time, going to school, lack of practice space, and the noise limits of apartment living, they decided to go fully electronic. (No real instruments are harmed in the making of their music.)

Ari plays keytar and sings. Rocky plays all the other sounds on a midi controller. What makes them unique is that, although they play loops, they actually create those loops in real time while they are playing. So that means that if they make a mistake (or reinterpretation!) it repeats for the whole song. It makes for exciting, spontaneous live shows.

Their sound is infectious and will get you on your feet. Don’t be surprised if you are singing along to a song you just heard! Yet at the same time their connection to each other, their music, and the audience is authentic and genuine. Their lyrics balance beautifully between the bleak reality of past rejection and the positive vibes that is their life together now. Even their sound guy at one of their shows confessed afterwards “I usually like dark metal. I don’t want to like you guys. But I can’t help it — I love HE/LIUM SHE/LIUM!”

So strap on your roller skates. Grab your sparkly neon fanny pack. Get ready for the sexiest dance party on the block!