Ivy Rosé

Ivy Rosé

Boise, ID


Ivy Rosé is a Russian-American DJ based in Boise, Idaho. Her style blends flavors of house, deep house, and progressive house – setting a chill but uplifting vibe for the audience to feel good, have fun, and live their best lives. Ivy Rosé’s sound is brimming with melodic notes and enchanting elements bringing a tasteful sensation to the dance floor that will leave you reaching for another glass of Rosé and cheering “uno más”.

Ivy Rosé’s passion for electronic dance music started from a young age, she began attending shows in 2006 and instantly fell in love with the music and EDM community. Through her music, Ivy Rosé’s intention is to create an environment for people to connect with themselves and others, empower women, and to inspire new DJs and fans of electronic music.

For TreeFort Music Festival 2020 Ivy Rosé is performing for the Esthetic Evolution Showcase and a downtempo set at YogaFort accompanied by a yoga instructor and guided meditation.