Jason Wool

Jason Wool

Los Angeles, CA


Jason Wool is an experimental multi-instrumentalist who’s goal is to make crazy sounds/harmonies that take listeners on a voyage beyond reality. With a background in jazz piano, Jason insists on making his music and performances as improvisational as possible, whether it be on a keyboard, behind a mixer, or both.

Jason was born in San Francisco, CA where he began learning to play the drum set and piano at a young age. During this time Jason had the pleasure of having jazz legend Herbie Hancock play and judge Jason’s own playing due to being family friends, which first planted the roots of interest deep into Jason’s head towards jazz piano and music in general. Jason continued to write and play as he grew older and eventually moved to LA, which then exposed him to his now profound appreciation for experimental music and the LA beat scene.

Since then, Jason has toured all over North America, as well as Australia and Europe, sharing his thoughts and ideas with the world. He has worked with the likes of Eprom, Gaslamp Killer, Kaelin Ellis, Little Snake and Tsuruda just to name a few. His latest record “Meridian,” was released near the end of 2019 via Courteous Family Records showcasing more of his recent acoustic/instrumental work. As new music/ideas seems to always be afoot for Jason, any upcoming performances would be highly advised to attend.