Katana Boy

Katana Boy

Missoula, MT


Katana Boy is the electronic project of Brendan Casey. His handcrafted beats are both relaxed and adventurous. Growing up in Montana and producing music in Missoula, Casey knows the power of a place to transform you. From the plains to the mountains, he takes inspiration from the natural world, creating a fantastical atmosphere to absorb and be absorbed by.

His latest EP, “Enchanted Bathhouse” is inquisitive and immersive. Each song is a soundscape, layers bleeding into each other in subtle transitions set to driving rhythm. Repetitive melodies go from brooding to grooving as they find solace in cathartic dance. Chillwave and hip hop intermingle and charm in his most meditative and diverse assortment yet.

Katana Boy takes ethereal inspiration from artists like Jamie XX and Four Tet and honors the likes of house with influences like Octo Octa. His electronica EP “Realm of Resilience” feels like another lush ode to landscape and “Penny Arcane,” his debut album, is light and dreamy with beats of the bedroom pop persuasion.

Whether it’s the backdrop music to a dark nightclub, a D&D bender with friends in a basement or getting lost in the woods, it’s the ability for Katana Boy beats to wash over the listener’s ear at any given moment and transport them, that makes it so soothing to the imagination.

Brendan now lives on San Juan Island, WA