Boise, ID


LED is a dance company, a musical project, a film studio — a place for whatever creation is desired.

LED will perform multiple times in unexpected places throughout the fest. Audience members will find themselves in the middle of it all. LED will also be playing a band set and premiere a short film, Gorilla, at Filmfort.

Recently named by Dance Magazine as “25 to Watch” for 2020, LED weaves signature contemporary choreography, original musical compositions, and elements of film into thought-provoking narratives and inspiring stories that are redefining the boundaries of performing arts.

Founded in 2015 and proudly based in Boise, Idaho, LED is shaped by the artistic vision of husband and wife co-founders, Lauren Edson and Andrew Stensaas. Lauren and Andrew are intimately involved in the creative production of each artistic work, building each piece from the ground up, and relying on a network of extremely talented artists, dancers, musicians, designers, and technicians to bring each creative experience to life.