Luna Li

Luna Li

Toronto, CAN


Listening to Luna Li is the moment you hang suspended between dream and a haziness, or when you’re dancing through a slight tipsiness. You feel beautiful, confident, happy. This is Luna Li and she’s here to help you love.
Born and raised in Toronto and a multi-instrumentalist – she plays the guitar, keyboards, violin and harp as well as providing all the vocals – Li’s musical background is split between multiple paths.

Growing up within the disciplined rigour of trained classical music, she ultimately dropped out of studying violin at Montreal’s McGill University aged 18; inspired by her boyfriend’s band and the burgeoning garage rock scene back home, she initially subdued her learnt skills.

“But as I spent more time playing shows and writing music I realized that the classical side really is a huge part of me that I still really love” she says. “I’d grown up around a community of teachers at my mom’s partner’s music school and it was always great having the freedom to try out different instruments and take different kinds of lessons over the years.”

So it is that Luna Li has re-connected with her roots. You only need to watch the artist’s jams videos – that regularly reach 200,000 viewers on TikTok and have topped one million plays on Twitter before – or her 88rising’s ASIA RISING FOREVER Livestream (Beabadoobee, Mxmtoon, Rich Brian, etc.), which received over 7.75M+ livestream views and was #1 trending worldwide on Twitter to get a sense of the fluidity with which she moves between each instrument’s language.