Lima, PE


In 2010 Moldes, released his debut album “Moldes”, with an eclectic repertoire that was characterized by navigating a musical route that ranged from psychedelic rock to noise, and from pop to kraut-rock. It was considered one of the best releases that year by the peruvian press and foreign press, such as Sounds and Colors, Shock, Vice, among others.

His second album “Aguas de Marte” (2014) obtained more than 15 mentions for best album of the year by international press such as Remezcla, Vice, Resonancia Magazine, Zona de Obras, Red Bull Panamérika, among others.

Both works resulted in tours around Mexico, Colombia, Germany and France. .

In August last year, after 2 years of hiatus, Moldes released the single “Lullaby for ghost cities” which exceeded expectations of listenings on Spotify and was included in several edito’s pick playlists.

The change of style in this single is noticeable; dance and pop, but with the preponderance of the distorted guitar that connects all its previous production, preserving its folkloric nuances, elements that make them navigate in the middle of any stylistic change with integrity.

This year, Moldes was chosen among 1537 proposals to present in the windows of FIMPRO in Guadalajara, Mexico in front of more than 800 music professionals, being the only Peruvian group to be selected this year.

Prior to their passage through Mexico they launched “Gift”, whose art has been made by the Argentine Grammy-winning artist, Claudio Roncoli.