Seattle, WA


“When you first hear MONSTERWATCH, it’s hard not to think of the halcyon days of logger fashion and furious riffs. But don’t call it a throwback, the trio may be using the same arsenal but they’re injecting it with a perspective that could only come from the modern era with their latest EP, Z O T.

Recorded by Steve Fisk and Arsen Gogeshvili, Z O T recontextualizes the sound Seattle first became famous for and injects with new youthful energy. If you’ve seen the band perform live, the energy they inject into the room is palpable. The shrieking force of “I Don’t Get It” exudes disgust and worry through layers of fuzz, while “Lost My Car” plays to the idiosyncrasies and plights of big city life. But it goes deeper even deeper than that. They’re using noise to cope with modern anxieties, much like their forebears before them did.” – KEXP

Break free from negativity, judgement and self-doubt. We are MONSTERWATCH and we are here strictly for you and your pleasure.