Boise, ID


Hailing from their hometown of Boise, Idaho, Neocentrics is an indie rock band originally conceived as a solo project for lead vocalist/guitarist Evan Zurilgen. Constantly working to create an exciting sonic environment, Evan brought on bassist Quinn Carrier, as well as drummer Carsen Cranney and secondary guitarist Demetrius Vargas-Morman, to help bolster up Neocentrics’ robust, energetic, and overall contagious sound. Evan has also worked with a talented roster of other local Boise musicians during his time under the Neocentrics name; former members include Ryan Balkin, Elias Willerup, Tanner Foley-Mayer, Caden Ravlin (R.I.P.), and Lev Spaulding.

Evan and company have been playing shows together since April 2019 with big plans and a bright future ahead. Neocentrics is about creating an all-enveloping experience. The band’s mission is to produce “something not only we will be excited and satisfied with, but to provide that same feeling for our audience when they listen to our music or come to our shows.”

Neocentrics is deeply rooted in their love for music itself, borrowing influence from genres like indie rock and folk, while also taking note from genres like punk, slowcore, midwestern emo, etc. Writing their vigorously flavored songs about “stuff going on” and hardships throughout their adolescence, sometimes pulling from movies, literature, and others’ experiences to fill in the gaps.