Boise, ID


A calm, yet looming atmosphere shelters a glimmering canopy of chords as shy vocals and fluid guitar lines advance through a mosaic of variable rhythm and bass.

Armed with an arsenal of pedals and an underpainting of faint ideas, Ponderay began creating music in 2016 in a basement under The City of Trees. Jared Goodpaster and Brian Wyatt Anglin weaved fragments of their own unfinished songs together, creating a symbiosis of watery atmosphere and melodic chords. Nick Archibald joined within a year and provided unique rhythm with his intuitive and knowledgeable sensibility. Nick makes anything interesting. Brion Rushton joined shortly after, bringing his tastefulness for nicely timed bass melodies and a sturdy foundation for the songs to perch.

Ponderay, as a four piece, arranged these pieces and ideas to make a cohesive collection of songs. An album is in the final stages of production. The band plans on releasing it in 2020.