Prism B!tch

Prism B!tch

Albuquerque, NM


The Albuquerque quartet—Lauren Poole [bass, vocals], Lilah Rose [keys, guitar, vocals], Chris Walsh [guitar], and Teresa Cruces [drums, vocals]—hop from robust riff-ery to sticky sweet hooks before dipping back into moments of distorted bliss and warm melodies. “We’re an aggressively friendly band,” smiles Teresa. “We cover a spectrum of topics. The music can be serious and existential or super fun—just like real life.”

Lauren and Chris first met as members of a small theatre company, where they dreamed up a plan for a performance art project in the guise of a band. In late 2015, they crossed paths with recent New Mexico transplant Lilah before rounding up Teresa. Their initial project idea soon morphed into an actual band, which they named Prism B!tch. They quickly gained a reputation for exuberant performances and comedic/bizarre music videos.

Prism B!tch made their introduction with 2016’s The Getaway EP before unleashing the self-titled Prism Bitch EP a year later. Inspired by everyone from The Pixies to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Prism B!tch has crystallized an unpredictable and undeniable signature sound on their upcoming 2021 release, Perla.