Saint Lawrence Gridiron

Saint Lawrence Gridiron

Boise, ID


Chef Josh Maciolek

Chef Josh grew up in Idaho where he spent most of his childhood exploring the mountains. He spent his high school years working on a cattle ranch and riding bulls in the ICA. During his junior year in high school he moved to southern Kentucky where he found a deep seated love for southern food and the old traditions. During his college years at the University of Idaho he started working in a restaurant where he fell in love with the industry and started a lifelong path in the culinary arts. A few years later he moved to Boise where he bounced around the 8th street restaurant scene while doing seasonal work in the Idaho mountains and Orcas Island off the coast of Washington. It was one of these seasonal gigs that led him to Vietnam where he spent two years living and working as a chef. Upon returning to the States he found his way to Saint Lawrence Gridiron where he currently works as the Executive Chef.

Saint Lawrence Gridiron is a restaurant and craft cocktail bar, specializing in the exploration of American cuisine though Low Country Southern food, and our local Idaho vernacular.