Savage Daughters

Savage Daughters

Salt Lake City, UT


On the surface, savage daughters sound is fairly straightforward. The trio references story genres like Shoegaze, garage rock, and dream pop influences, and the sound of those styles is easily heard in the brittle guitar tones and straightahead rhythms of their tracks. The longer you listen, however, the weirder things get. There’s a little, if any, conventional structure to these tracks, but many of them full of winding changes and unexpected transitions. The mix of strict decision making and playfulness places the group at a special middle ground between looseness and meticulously crafted, and all the better for it.

Even with the oddities of some of the tracks, the immediacy and power of the groups rock influence never fades. This isn’t snooty intellectualism – it’s kick out the jams, belt the hooks music.

To back up their personal, emotive lyrics, there needs to be music behind the group that fully honors the intensity with which the writing. Meeting the trio you’ve never pegged them as aggressive types, but the music produced teams with energy.