Shaina Shepherd

Shaina Shepherd

Seattle, WA


Known for her pervasive style as front woman to the soul- grunge band BEARAXE, Shaina Shepherd’s instantly-recognizable voice has brought her into various creative spaces: from sharing stages with rock stars like Dave Matthews and Thunderpussy, to performing as a soloist with classical ensembles around the country.

Inspired by Nina Simone’s commitment to representing the times with the ivories at her fingertips, Shaina tells heartfelt stories of love, loss & personal power. She describes herself as an “anthem artist”—translating pivotal moments in human history through her unique form of poetry.

Her biggest inspirations are often from poets: Mark Twain, James Weldoyn Johnson, & Maya Angelou.

A teacher at heart, Shaina’s songs often include a moment of audience interaction or shared moments of reflection in the room. Her dynamic vocal combines the power of theater with the tender introspection of American folk music in a commitment to every song, story, and note being real, raw and present.