Skyler Locatelli

Skyler Locatelli

Seattle, WA


Born in Twin Falls Idaho, Skyler Locatelli is the co-founder of Seattle based independent label, Freakout Records, Locatelli studied business management at Colorado Mesa University, where he first immersed himself in the industry by working in College Radio as a dj and assistant music director.

In 2004 he moved to Seattle and begin immersing himself in the music community. From DJ gigs to co-founding Hypnotikon, a two day music festival at the Triple Door that happened in 2013 + 2014. That same year Locatelli, met now business partner Guy Keltner and they launched Freakout Records in 2016 and he begin overseeing Freakout Festival and building a larger team as the fest continues to see year over year growth. Freakout has showcased at Treefort every year since 2017 as well as produced events across the country, south of the boarder and across the pond.

In 2021 Freakout festival is now in it’s ninth year and plans the biggest year yet with over 85 bands performing and the label has released over 25 records in 5 years. But working within the music community extends beyond the reach of Freakout for Locatelli, who also holds down a 9-to-5 in business development as a National Sales Executive at KEXP. “My background is in business and relationships, and my role there is essentially to work with businesses locally and nationally that support KEXP through marketing campaigns, sponsorships, and programming. It’s an ever-expanding job description and I wear a lot of hats and connect with so many different companies an orgs. In the end they are all (mostly) music lovers and I enjoy connecting with people over music.”

When Locatelli isn’t producing events or setting up new clients at KEXP you can find him at his cabin and garden in Mazama, WA.