Sunshine Spice Bakery & Cafe

Sunshine Spice Bakery & Cafe

Boise, ID


The Shams sisters, Homeyra, Bahar S. Amir, Khatera, and Narges, were born in Afghanistan. They spent their early childhood there as well as in Iran and Turkey. They eventually immigrated to the United States because their father wanted his daughters to be able to receive an education, something they couldn’t pursue under the Taliban in Afghanistan. They arrived here knowing virtually no English and had to learn that as well as life in the US.

The Shams dreamed of creating a place where they could highlight their individual talents and introduce the cultures they were raised in to the people in Idaho.

Bahar came up with an idea to create a cafe, but wanted to name it something unique, but that also had a connection with their home country. The spice, Saffron, originated in Afghanistan and remains the best quality source of saffron. There were many places named after saffron but Bahar realized that very few used its nickname, sunshine spice, thus the Sunshine Spice Bakery & Café was born.

After several years of planning and research, the Shams were able to open their café in December of 2019. There, each of the sisters contributes their own unique skills and talents to the success of the business. The menu of Sunshine Spice Café uses saffron in many of their pastries, puddings, cookies, coffee and tea drinks. Their ever-expanding menu is a fusion of Middle Eastern and American cuisines.