The Dirty Moogs

The Dirty Moogs

Boise, ID / DE


It is a major year for us, Friends! We are have DOUBLE DIGITS in many impressive and desirable ways, like: “years as band pals,” “song royalties money-dollars,” and “age-related health conditions.” Yes! These probably make very important lessons and self reflections for us about growing responsibilities and wisdom choices….that we IGNORE because lessons are BORING and dancing parties are FUN!!!

We are please to announce for you Operation: “Still-Dumb-After-All-These-Years: a Dirty Moogs Retrospective: Volume 1: Hits and Other Good Songs for People!!!” We will bring back all the hits, lasers, stunts, and visual space-effects to have a good time with appropriate language for everyone!

Our Lawyer says that our favorite treat of the year is seeing our Treefort party friends, but she says we are maybe supposed to consider gainful employments and respectful lifestyle habits instead of only planning party operations…..INCORRECT! Please join us this year and forget your troubles with us, as friends, together, making happy memories and ignoring our lawyers!!! Thank you!