The Phets

The Phets

Boise, ID


The Arctic Monkeys’ and Muse’s evil cousin.

With their dynamic rock and roll sound, THE PHETS are bringing the 3-piece back. The magnetic stage presence transforms the band into a larger than life experience. Passion pours from their music, enveloping the audience, immersing them into each song and making each performance an unforgettable journey. THE PHETS embrace the darkness of life and transforms it into something beautiful. Their music is a chance to be vulnerable, a chance to see the beauty in life.

Formed in 2017, the Boise trio — bassist/vocalist Hayden McCandless, drummer Cameron Elgart, and guitarist/vocalist Thomas Salazar — released their debut EP “Dark Again” two years later, an EP exploring the cyclical nature of life and its absurdism. In those two years, THE PHETS created a reputation of providing an experience like none-other. An experience that transcends age, gender, and race, an experience that is inherently human and vulnerable. From this, THE PHETS have found themselves in a community founded upon the idea of being incredibly and freely yourself.

THE PHETS performances do not center around the music on stage, but the relationship between the audience and the band itself. “My big thing is, the audience has just as big of a role in the show as we do,” says Salazar, “all we want to create is an environment where we can all come together, put on our dancing shoes, and escape into the night.” That eagerness to bring a community together — the desire to sweep the audience off their feet but also make them feel lovingly included — is what supports the very essence of THE PHETS.