The Pine Hearts

The Pine Hearts

Olympia, WA


“The Pine Hearts are totally rad! They’re ine of the best new bands on the scene. The singing, picking and songwriting is fabtastic and organic. Two thumbs up!” — Charles Humphrey III (Songs From The Road Band)

Just beneath the eaves of Washington’s Cascade Mountains, The Pine Hearts are combining wood, ore and soul to channel the colossal, organic spirit of the untamed Pacific Northwest. Their sound, like the environment around them, is ever-changing, harnessing classic country songwriting, the powerful emotive themes of experimental folk, and the blazing-fast pickin’ rhythms of traditional Appalachian bluegrass — all the while staying rooted to their rock-n-roll backgrounds. Featuring a freshly dialed-in lineup and a healthy stable of tunes new and old, The Pine Hearts are excited to share their unique brand of Nature Pop with hungry hearts in the Northwest and far beyond.

“A catchy, peppy mixture of folk, indie and jamgrass” — Bluegrass Today

The Pine Hearts first formed in the early 2010’s as a traditional-leaning folk and bluegrass trio, establishing bandleader and guitarist Joey Capoccia’s distinct picking flair and alt-Americana songwriting style after long-running stints in classic Olympia, WA bands such as The Pasties and The Blackberry Bushes, culminating in the albums Distant Lights (2013) and Winter on Orcas (2013). in the fall of 2015 came their successive album, Thin Walls (2015), which took a decidedly more country bent, enlisting a wider variety of instruments while honing their roster of dense, powerful tunes, imbued with themes of love and of loss, of freedom and of the chains that tie us all down. Now, as 2018 forges on, so do The Pine Hearts, distilled to an energetic three-piece lineup more full of inspiration than ever before. Original Pine Hearts mandolinist Derek McSwain (also formerly of the trad-bluegrass powerhouse The Oly Mountain Boys) has returned with an even larger bag of tricks, and Joining Joey and Derek is upright bassist Dean Shakked, providing a rock-solid rhythmic foundation for the band while injecting his own wide-ranging jazz and progressive rock influences into the mix. All three are accomplished vocalists in their own rights, allowing for lush, complex three-part vocal harmony to give new depth and dimension to the band’s lyrical melodies.

“A tight folk/bluegrass band that wears its punk roots on its sleeves” — Antiquated Furniture

Filled with a new vigorous dedication, The Pine Hearts are aiming to show listeners the true spirit of the Northwest, as lived through each of them, telling stories of pain and growth to inspire audiences everywhere. Catch them at a performance near you this summer and fall, and get a taste for yourself!

“… Particularly upbeat original tunes that are instant classics, The Pine Hearts sing with sincerity and pick with deliberate dedication.” — Anacortes Magazine