Toby Bower

Toby Bower


I finally figured out that I love making music and now I don’t think I will ever stop. I want to help other people find out if they have that same passion and then help them pursue it.

I am beyond excited by the opportunity to share my passion and experience at Hackfort! I have lived in Idaho my whole life and I love Treefort and what it has to offer for local artists and musicians. I have attended Hackfort for the last 3 years and would love to be able to contribute!

I’m the founder/organizer of the Boise Beat Makers music producer Meetup, which is a no-cost meetup where beatmakers/producers get together once a month to collaborate, share ideas, and get connected with other artists.

I have produced tracks for artists such as Valid Point, Otis Julius, AC Delgado & Team 208, and have collaborated on instrumental tracks with over 20 different producers.

I grew up playing piano and guitar, but after a long hiatus from both of those I decided to download some digital audio production software and play around with it. I treated it like a hobby for about a year. Then I fell in love with it and started investing and believing in myself. I have had so many great opportunities and met so many great people since then and I am excited for many more!