tuct. (tribute set)

tuct. (tribute set)

Boise, ID & Portland, OR


Tanner “TJ” Tuck was and is undoubtedly one of the most influential local Boise drummers and producers with his unique playing and approach to heavy rock and jazz-inflected in the context of hip-hop production.

Tanner began playing drums at 6 years old and amazed everyone that saw him. He cut his teeth early in the Boise music scene at 15 years old in bands like the late great SLY MOON SUTRA and Chief Broom. He amazed audiences with his unique and “wise beyond his years” approach to the drum set that he gleaned from a private-school jazz education he began in middle-school and his many years at that point.

TJ passed away in mid 2021 at 22 years old. He has had a profound effect on Boise music and culture and will be remembered through his friends, family and fellow musicians.

The tuct. tribute collective is focused on carrying out his legacy and finishing what he started. It features his closest friends and collaborators including his brother Shadrach Tuck, his best friend Will “Cheese” Cheeseman and the other founding members of SLY MOON SUTRA as the backing band for an entourage of his favorite local MC’s and friends.

They will be playing several songs finished and unfinished that TJ made during his short, productive time here. This performance will feature Mason Waters (fka Ill Advised), Coleman, Ellio (Noah Cox fka BLINDZY), Ssrawberry, Equinox and Baby Lucia