Warren Dunes

Warren Dunes

Seattle, WA


Post-modern beach music from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle-based Warren Dunes weaves threads of indie pop, art-rock, psych, and Tropicalia into a complex yet easy going whole. This family band’s debut record of nuance and bubbling ornament, boasts bold swaths of melodic primary color burst into neon-flecked clouds of sonic glitter as Massey’s arresting, crystalline voice soars overhead.

That sense of wonder and inspiration pervades the music Julia, Jared, and Dominic make as Warren Dunes. They are happiest together on stage, moving and flowing as synchronous aspects of a greater whole. That grace and delight comes through in their recorded work, telegraphed transparently to the listener. A cohesive statement, unique yet instantly recognizable, Welcome to Warren Dunes slides seamlessly from delicate post-punk explorations to anthemic, sing-along pop built on a foundation of arena-worthy choruses. Self-assured yet free of bombast, Warren Dunes is an art-pop dreamscape of unapologetic fun.

The band also believes in giving back in a real way to the communities it serves and has made considerable donations from live performances to a variety of charitable organizations ending homelessness. Beneficiaries and amounts can be found at warrendunesband.com/beneficiaries.