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Zeta is a experimental band from Latin America, characterized by their atmospheric sounds and energetic rhythms, accompanied by profound lyrics that speak of existence, positive consciousness, and being. With a musical career spanning more than a decade, since 2003 they have traveled and communicated through their art with non stoping tours throughout the continent from the south to the north, visiting cities such as, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogota, Seattle, Portland, New York City, Austin, Miami, and more. Renowned as “Best Metal Artist – Distorxion Awards” in 2011 and “Best International Artist Projection – Union Rock Show Awards” in 2013. Performing at important festivals such as “SXSW 2017” in Austin, TX, “Hemp Fest 2017″ in Seattle, WA, “71 Grind Fest IV 2018” in Colorado Springs, CO and “The Fest 17” in Gainesville, FL in 2018.

They are known not only for sharing their art but also for creating forums that touch on issues such as veganism, and the purpose of DIY philosophy not only as a way to navigate the music industry but also as a positive force to change the world.

“to heal through art and music is something that needs a lot of love, and if you want to love somebody first you need to love yourself, and food is the first step to loving ourselves” says Dani (Zeta’s guitar player) in an interview with Audiotree (Chicago, IL).