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Last updated September 17, 2021

We are closely monitoring the status of the COVID-19 Delta variant and preparing for Treefort Music Fest 2021 with your safety as our top priority.

We are coordinating directly with Idaho Central District Health, the Office of Emergency Preparedness at the City of Boise and other City officials as preparedness plans are ongoing.

We encourage all attendees to read through all of our festival communications here and on socials…and check back often. And lastly, we kindly request your patience and understanding during these ever-evolving times, and with your fellow Treeforters —let’s get back into live music together, safely.


All attendees, vendors, staff, artists, volunteers, performers and anyone aged 12 and older will need to have proof of vaccination against Covid-19 (physical or digital card accepted, so is a photo of vaccination card from your phone) OR have proof of a negative PCR test (the nasal swab one) within the past 48 hours. Upon proof of documentation, you will receive your “TMF Pre-Check” wristband that is to stay on your wrist, like your pass, for the day(s) you’re attending Treefort.

Upon entry, we are requiring all guests to:

  1. Provide proof that they are vaccinated against Covid-19.
  2. Provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test within the past 48 hours.

Vaccinated? Tested negative for COVID-19 48 hours before Treefort? Download Bindle to show that you are COVID clear ✔️

Bindle gets you into the fastest pre-check line before picking up your wristband, provides privacy during pre-check (our team only sees if you are cleared, not whether you are vaccinated or testing neg.) + the convenience of not carrying around your vaccine card or neg. test.

Download Bindle today – we’ll see you at the Treefort Pre-Check Party Zone!!


Documentation will be checked prior to receiving your Treefort wristband in the TMF Pre-Check Party Zone where you also will be able to go through a health screening and rapid testing if you don’t have proof.

  • Health officials will be volunteers and they will match your ID to your proof of vaccination or test results.
  • We won’t collect, save or keep any of your data. It’s simply used to verify proof and proceed into the festival.
  • Download the Bindle app to streamline the proof of vaccination/proof of negative test results.
  • We will have an actual party zone — music, drink tokens, hang out with friends, etc.
  • Once you receive your COVID CLEAR wristband, you may proceed to pick up your passes/tickets at the Treefort Box Office.
  • Masks are required while you’re in the TMF Pre-Check Party Zone.


Located on 12th St. at Main St.

Tuesday 9/21 • 2 – 8pm
Wednesday 9/22 • 2 – 10pm
Thursday 9/23 • 1 – 10pm
Friday 9/24 • 12 – 10pm
Saturday 9/25 • 12 – 10pm
Sunday 9/26 • 12 – 8pm


At this time, Treefort will have enhanced precautions during the festival to help attendees, performers, volunteers and staff keep themselves healthy. If we feel it’s not safe to hold the event all together, we will notify everyone immediately.

  • We encourage all attendees and performers to get a COVID-19 vaccination prior to arrival
  • In accordance with City of Boise requirements “masks are required both indoors and outdoors if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained”
  • We committed to limiting attendance and as of 9/17 at 9:30am, we stopped all pass sales for Treefort 9.
  • We require those under 12 and those who are unable to get a vaccine to wear masks throughout the festival footprint
  • All “free fort” attendees must go through the TMF Pre-Check Party Zone in order to get into any venue
  • We will sanitize all mics in between sets, panels, and talks
  • We’re optimizing ventilation within venues as best we can (propping doors, opening windows, etc.)
  • We have more outdoor stage — simply search “outdoors” on the app under Schedule
  • All those speaking on panels will have their own microphone
  • Central District Health inspects all festival venues to ensure all food, beverage, and sanitary stations are up to standard
  • If you are not feeling well or are showing any symptoms, please stay home and don’t come to Treefort. You may request a refund by emailing tickets@treefortmusicfest.com.
  • Trash collection will be increased
  • We plan to have increased hand washing and sanitizing stations throughout the festival
  • Due to federal requirements, everyone riding Valley Regional Transit buses, including the Treeline, must wear a mask.


We want everyone to feel safe at Treefort, therefore we want everyone to Wear a Mask (regardless of vaccination status). Be cool, wear a mask at Treefort! Please bring a face covering and have one with you at all times. We will have some available at the Ranger Station if you lose yours.

  • Kids under 12 are required to wear masks throughout the festival footprint (to be in line with Boise School District).
  • Some venues, forts or stages may require attendees to wear masks, search “mask” on the schedule within the official app.
  • In accordance with City of Boise requirements “masks are required both indoors and outdoors if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained”


When is my last chance receive the vaccine?
We strongly encourage all guests be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. In order to be fully vaccinated in time for Treefort, you’ll need to have received your last Moderna or Pfizer (or single Johnson & Johnson) dose by September 8th.

If you are not yet vaccinated, either the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be completed in time for the fest! To do that, please receive your first dose of Moderna or Pfizer no later than August 25th or your single dose of Johnson + Johnson no later than September 8th.

Where can I get vaccinated?
Luckily vaccinations are free and readily available in many areas.

  • If you’re in the Treasure Valley, you may get a free vaccine (all three on the menu) at The Egyptian Theatre 11am-3pm MT, Monday – Friday.
  • If you are in Idaho, you can find a vaccination location here.
  • Alternatively, you can find vaccination options across the country here.

What are the protocols for children?
Kids under 12 (0-11 years old) DO NOT need testing and DO NOT need a pre-check wristband. They must wear a mask at all times.

What kind of tests will be accepted?
Any COVID test (PCR or rapid test on-site*) is accepted at this time.

*Rapid tests on-site will be available, pending an on-site health screening, highly recommend getting a PCR test or vaccination prior to attending Treefort. The rapid test line will take an hour or longer.

When do I need to take my COVID test?Get a COVID Vaccination
The test must have been taken within 48 hours prior to attending Treefort. Passholders may be tested on Tuesday, September 21st for their negative result to be honored for all five festival days, pending an on-site health screening, if applicable.

If you are attending…

  • all five days, you must take your test no earlier than Monday, September 20th.
  • only on Wednesday, you must take your test no earlier than Monday, September 20th.
  • only on Thursday, you must take your test no earlier than Tuesday, September 21st.
  • only on Friday, you must take your test no earlier than Wednesday, September 22nd.
  • only on Saturday, you must take your test no earlier than Thursday, September 23rd.
  • only on Sunday, your test must be taken no earlier than Friday, September 24th.

If you are unable to get a vaccination or PCR test prior to attending Treefort, we will have on-site rapid tests available. If you have additional questions regarding testing, please email us at info@treefortmusicfest.com.

Where can I get a COVID test in Boise?
You can find a PCR testing center here or on-site rapid starting Tuesday, September 21st.


We ask that you not attend if any of the following is true for you or anyone in your party:

  • Within 14 days before attending the festival you have tested positive, or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for, COVID-19;
  • Within 48 hours prior to attending the festival, you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., a fever of 100.4F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking muscle pain/achiness, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19 identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention);
  • Within 14 days prior to attending the festival, you have traveled to any international territory identified by federal or applicable state or local governments as being subject to travel or quarantine advisories due to COVID-19.


COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. There is an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place or place where people are present and there is no guarantee, express or implied, that those attending the festival (or any part of it) will not be exposed to COVID-19.

We have taken enhanced health and safety measures for you, our artists and staff. You must follow all posted instructions while attending Treefort Music Fest (or any part of it).

By attending Treefort Music Fest, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Let’s help keep each other healthy! Get a vaccine!


If the new entry requirements don’t work for you, for whatever reason, please email tickets@treefortmusicfest.com. We will process refund requests on a case-by-case basis, as always 🙂


Please get a COVID-19 vaccine prior to attending Treefort Music Fest 2021 and upload your proof into the Bindle app. It’ll make entering Treefort a whole helluva lot easier and might even save someone else’s life!

Code of Conduct

Treefort is built by the community and for the community. We strive to create a safe place to gather, share and celebrate. However, Treefort is not a place for inappropriate, disruptive, or abusive behavior, either in person or online. If you experiencing a violation of this Code of Conduct at the Festival please contact a team member, staff or member of leadership (contact in person or at leadership@treefortmusicfest.com). To view our full Code of Conduct, click here.


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